Kristin Sobania, M.A.

                       Freelance translator since 2000

          In the 1990s, while still studying, I worked with academic translations and correspondence at the Institute for American Studies of the Goethe University in Frankfurt (Main). Parallely, I invested a great deal of time in the research and investigation of global financial markets. So in my activities as a freelance translator, I first decided to focus on financial topics and art. Financial translations representing soon the bigger part of my orders.

          During the last years, however, I became more and more interested in legal matters. Due to my activities in forums for discussing stylistic and semantic questions on translation, and because I felt engaged to take the challenge and accept job offers for translating legal texts, I am now specializing in financial and legal translation.

          From 2000 onward, freelance translation has been my main occupation, and since then I've used all opportunities to employ, increase and extend my knowledge. Since to deliver a good translation doesn't mean that you just get all words and expressions right, it affords background knowledge and the understanding of the wider context.

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